Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just finished printing out images and getting everything ready to send out for the Spectrum book competition. I've been reading them for years and finally feel like I have something decent enough to try and send in. Here's hoping I have some kind of slight chance of getting one of my guys in. That would be so awesome.

The two guys that I have been working on are coming along. Painting should be finished soon and then its on to making clothes. Painting should be done by mid next week at the latest. Every time I get to the painting stage I think to myself "Theres gotta be something better to use than oils. They take so long." And every time I pull out some acrylics or my airbrush and give them another try. Then I remember why I use oils. They might take longer, especially waiting for the thin layers to dry, but the way they feel and the way they come out looking makes it worth it. I figure I'd rather spend more time and make something the best I can than to do it quicker and have it not look as good.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Didn't get much of anything done over the whole Christmas/New Years time, but I seem to have gotten back on track. Spent all day sewing and the two guys I've been working on are all skinned up now and ready to start painting.

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