Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stuff I used to do.

Writing the about section of my site started to make me think of all the stuff I've done before sculpting. I thought it'd be fun to post it up here to show.

So I started off freshman year as a photo major and my photo career peaked first semester. I took images of my family members faces and one outfit from each of them and switched around bodies, faces and clothes. I also used a flashlight to light them in a darkened room with the shutter held open. This is my mom with my dads clothes with my youngest brothers face.

In these ones I took facial features and shoved them under some stockings over her face to make these weird looking faces.

Two prints I made from a collagraph plate.

This is where I stopped doing photo pretty much. I did five big 2' x 4' panels on wood of each of my family members playing an instrument. Then I attached to the back some circuit bent toys that had buttons and knobs sticking through so I could play them. I had a video of myself playing it but lost it.

This is a video I made from taking images from a tv I opened and circuit bent then put together in after effects.

This is a weird analog noise synth thing I made when I was teaching myself electronics.

This was a stuffed pink thing I made and stuffed a wireless camera into. The camera sent video to my computer into a program I made in max/msp/jitter that took colors and used them to color a video pattern that it was generating.

And now I'm sculpting. What fun!

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